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The Community offers subsidies to its less privileged members and has recently introduced a series of measures in order to support young couples, as an incentive against the demographic problems that the community faces. There is also a loan fund for businessmen and small industry owners. Finally, the community maintains a clinic offering full medical and pharmaceutical coverage to its less privileged members, on an outpatient basis.


Saul Modiano, a Jew from Thessalonica who died in Trieste in 1924, founded the “Saul Modiano” Old People’s Home on a donation. It was inaugurated in 1932 in its own building on Queen Olga Str. The purpose of the Home was to offer care and shelter to the elderly members of the Community. The Home operated continuously until the German occupation. In 1943 its inmates shared the fate of the rest of the Jewish population of Thessalonica. They were deported and exterminated in the Auschwitz gas chambers, and the institution was closed. The Home reopened and resumed operation in 1974, under the enlightened leadership of David (Dick) Benveniste, chairman of the Community Council, in order to serve the needs of elderly Greek Jews, irrespective of their city of prior residence. It was decided that a new building had to be erected in order to fulfill modern requirements and specifications. The construction and procurement of all necessary equipment were completed in 1981 and since then the institution has been in operation. Admission is open to men and woman members of the Jewish communities of Greece who are over 65 years of age. It is housed in a six-floor building.

Each floor has seven single and two double bedrooms, as well as a lounge. On the ground floor there is a synagogue, a restaurant and reception hall. The institution employs the necessary administrative, health and auxiliary staff. The Community physician visits the institution and examines its residents once a week. There is also occupational therapy by trained personnel. All Jewish holidays are observed and officially celebrated at the Old people’s Home. The Community ladies and school students often take part in the Home’s activities. Thus, in the few years it has been in operation thanks to the full and multi-level support of the Jewish Community of Thessalonica, the “Saul Modiano” Old People’s Home has established itself as a genuine “Home for our Parents”, a warm shelter where Jewish senior citizens live in a happy, dignified and comfortable environment, among who embrace them with love and care.


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