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The prefectural capital, rises like an amphitheatre up the sides of the foothills of Mt. Simvolo. Though, a modern commercial city, it has many features belonging to its colorful past. The spacious squares, contemporary buildings, and shopping centers on the west side of the city form a pleasant contrast to the traditional old houses, tiny gardens and flagged alleyways of the eastern side. The harbor is particularly picturesque with its countless brightly colored fishing caiques moored along the waterfront. Among the city's impressive landmarks are the Old Walls, the Byzantine Castle, and the Kamares - the aqueduct erected by Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century - Mehmet All's house (18th century) and the Imaret, a Turkish building. The walk up to Profitis IIias to admire the panoramic view over the city takes you through the fascinating old district.

If you like to swim and eat fresh fish, then head for the lovely beaches and friendly taverns not far from town at such places as Kalamitsa, Palio, Nea Iraklitsa, Rapsani, Perigiali, and Nea Peramos. Other villages in attractive settings are Agios Silas, with its homonymous monastery, Palia Kavala, Krioneri, Korifes and Stavros on a hill, for those who love views. Not far from Kavala (17 km.), near the tobacco-producing villages of Krinides and Philippi, you will find the ruins of the ancient Macedonian city of Philippi, named after its founder, Philip II. Still visible on the site are the remains of two Early Christian basilicas, traces of the Via Egnatia, the Grand Roman Forum, the Acropolis, the Theatre, etc. Performances of ancient drama are held every summer in the restored theatre. Finally, there is a spa at Loutra Eleftheron (67 km. from Kavala) with installations for hydrotherapy.


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