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SKIATHOS is the largest of the Sporades and a natural extension of the rich habitat of the Pelion mountain; one of the most popular resort islands.

With more than 60 beaches around its coastline, Skiathos is a favored destination for many Greeks who prefer its forests and lush vegetation to the harsh, sun drenched and windswept beauty of the Cyclades. Don't be fooled though: Skiathos is a party island, almost on a par with Mykonos and Santorini. The two main attractions are Skiathos Town, the island's capital on its southeast shore, and Koukounaries ("Pine Trees") beach, often hailed as one of the country's best. Skiathos Town is an Aegean settlement of whitewashed houses, around two pretty, little harbors. Locals claim that, in the 1960s, the Beatles tried to buy Tsougrias, a little island just off the coast, facing Skiathos Town, which today attracts peace-minded holidaymakers. The south coast, west of Skiathos Town, is dotted with great beaches, like Megali Ammos ("Great Sand"), Achladies ("Pear Trees"), Kanapitsa, and Vromolimnos ("Dirty Lake"). The last of the line is Koukounaries, about 12 km west of Skiathos Town. Koukounaries is a fine white sand beach, lined with pine trees, that attracts throngs in the summer months.

Inland, the visitor can wander through lush vegetation and pretty, idyllic landscapes to the Monasteries of Evangelistria and Kechries, both 18th century institutions that have hosted important Greek revolutionary historical events. Below Kechries Monastery, the beach by the same name is one of the island's best, reachable only by foot.


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